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In Matthew 13, Jesus tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like yeast, that a woman hid in dough until it was all through it.  I think this is a picture of how Christians can have an effect on … Continue reading

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Youth groups

I read a blog recently that was observing that denominational churches in particular, seem to have a problem with perspective where it comes to youth groups and youth leadership.  They observed that the average age in many denominational churches is … Continue reading

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What about answered prayers, part 2.

The third issue, in regards to answered prayer is whether we are even noticing the answers God sends.  Let’s say you are shopping and you ask God to help you find a parking place.  One appears and you say, “what … Continue reading

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What about answered prayer?

I was reading a blog recently on another site, which was about our expectations in prayer, sort of a confession that the author often expects little to nothing to happen as a result.  Could be a bit of a self-fulfilling … Continue reading

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Refiner’s fire

I had not planned to write on this topic, but it seems to be where God is working at present.  Recently a friend requested prayer because it seemed like everything was going wrong in his life.  There are numerous issues … Continue reading

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More on depression

Okay, so yesterday I gave some straight up advice based on my experiences with depression.  But I think advice tends to go in one ear and out the other unless it is connected to stories.  We all have stories of … Continue reading

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I have seen a couple of blogs about depression recently.  I would not presume to get into the theological discussions about it since my few official classes in bible were many years ago.  In any event, that is not what … Continue reading

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