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Listening to God

After two nights of interrupted sleep to drop off or pick up my middle-schooler, I was kind of in a fog on Sunday morning.  I like to summarize our discussion, but for the life of me, I don’t remember much … Continue reading

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Missions at home

I read a blog recently from a woman who lives in a rural area.  Her suggestion was for people to take on small towns as a mission field and bring back stores and dentist and/or doctor offices.  She talked about … Continue reading

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Pastors who know their congregations

I recently read a quote, which I have of course lost track of, to the effect that a church is too large if the pastor can no longer know and visit all the members of the congregation.  Of course that … Continue reading

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The trouble with young people

I read a blog about the Red Bull Gospel on Out of Ur, though it originally came from elsewhere.  They were talking about youth groups and how, in our attempt to make them not boring, they have at times lost … Continue reading

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Our topic today was peace, specifically peace with God is the fruit of oneness with God.  But of course we traveled some rabbit trails.  To begin with, we switched teachers from the plan, and then that person admitted that he … Continue reading

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Reflections on Job

Our Sunday school lesson was looking at the book of Job this week.  I doubt it’s anyone’s favorite book.  In one sense, I’m glad it’s in the bible.  I mean, I’d hate to think every time things weren’t going my … Continue reading

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Reflections on one crazy week.

Okay, so the last week or a little more has been full of surprises and demands from the family.  Sorry to anyone who was dying to hear from me.  I thought I would just try to put it all in … Continue reading

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