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Consequences of unbelief

One of the blogs I read this week stuck with me, not so much because of the blog itself though.  It was actually a book review and the book was telling stories of experiences the author had while helping Mother … Continue reading

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Valley experiences

We are up to principle 29 out of 30.  Last week’s was on not going it alone on your Christian walk.  Part of that sneaked into our discussion this week, the fact that the early Christians were mostly Jewish and … Continue reading

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Happiness isn’t

For those looking for the Sunday school review, sorry I missed it because I took my daughter to Disneyland for her birthday in lieu of hosting yet another party.  So that is what my post is about.  Disneyland is billed … Continue reading

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How should we then live?

All the 9/11 coverage is really haunting me.  A few days ago I read something where someone posted their child’s question at the time:  Mommy, why do they hate us?  That was referred to as the question no one dares … Continue reading

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Out of the mouths of those no longer babes

Long title, I know, but my nearly 14 year old would be quite unhappy if I referred to her as a baby.  On 9/11/01 she was one day from turning 4, so you could say, 9/11 has had an effect … Continue reading

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Effects of 9/11

I wasn’t planning to post on this topic at all.  Honestly, when everyone started talking about the 10th anniversary, my first thought was, “give it a rest.”   But I can’t escape it, since references are everywhere.  Some rile me … Continue reading

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How to save time

Okay, our principle for the week is, “Prayer is life’s greatest time saver.”  The reference was 2 Thess. 3:1, which says nothing of the sort, only requests God’s blessing on the quick spreading of the gospel.  Now I don’t usually … Continue reading

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