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Nomads has started a new study, using the book The Journey, by Adam Hamilton.  We had 4 questions on the board, related to the study.  They were as follows:  1. I can be?  2.Regardless of?  3.Can I refuse?  4. You’re … Continue reading

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One example of guidance and healing

Our Sunday school lesson this week was drawn from several passages in the book of Isaiah.  It was primarily drawn from a book about how to understand the Jewish interpretation of the passages, as opposed to the Christian one.  I … Continue reading

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More parables #2

The second parable we looked at on Sunday was the good Samaritan.  Of course you have the priest, the levite, the Samaritan and the victim.  Of course the priest wanted to keep himself pure so he could enter the temple. … Continue reading

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More parables

We had such a small class Sunday that we nearly cancelled it.  But since we were there anyway, we went ahead.  We looked at a couple more parables from new perspectives.  First it was the prodigal son, where the idea … Continue reading

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A discussion of Matthew 22:1-14

Our class this week was looking at Matthew 22:1-15, the parallel of  the Luke passage from a couple of weeks ago, in the lectionary.  This is the story of the banquet where the invited guests refused to come.  In Matthew … Continue reading

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