What to get for someone who has nothing.

I bet you thought this was about a street person or something. Sorry, it is not, though I have done that and it really takes a village. This was about someone close to me, who is single parenting. After a surprise relationship breakup, parent and kids headed back to their hometown to regroup. There was nothing to come back to, except relatives and friends. Problem was, they left in a hurry and expected to return to collect larger items. Only the house they left burned down in the meantime.

So what really prompted this topic was that I went to a website selling china. I was enjoying looking at patterns, then I would look at prices and start calculating. This is a family of 8 after all. Seems like they would need around 24 plates and that gets pricey pretty quickly! And I was already helping with moving expenses, so maybe buying a bunch of name brand dishes wouldn’t be the smartest approach.

Fortunately, they had their clothes, so we didn’t have to worry about that. But buying furniture was pretty much out of the question. I kept thinking about how, when people get married, you have a wedding and people give them lots of things to help them set up housekeeping. You have china, silver and glassware, pots and pans, all manner of kitchen gadgets, knives and decorative items. Then there are sheets and towels and rugs. All of it is fair game, even things that are just pretty, but not necessary or useful.

In this case though, there was no wedding, and you need far more of some things for a family of 8. I decided then to check out the nearby discount store and see how far I could get. Turns out the money goes a lot farther there, and I started picking up a few things each week, since there were a couple of months before they would need it all. In the meantime, I put out the word to our Sunday school and women’s classes. This turned out well, because many of us are at a point where some downsizing is taking place. Quite a bit of kitchen things came in, and also bath towels and even living and dining room furniture.

Since that was going so well, I then concentrated on buying a variety of sheet sets, so the kids could choose their favorites. Pretty soon, they had a nice little house all furnished and with kitchen equipment, so the kids could come home and start school. Again, it takes a village, but sometimes that village is made up of people you don’t even know.


About ansaphil

I am the fourth of five children, born and raised in Bakersfield. I am an at home mom of two teenagers. I attended the local junior college and worked my way through my last two years at USC. But that was some time ago and I do not think writing ability has much to do with where one attended school. I was never sure what to be when I grew up. But I always loved books and music. Several years ago I found myself writing more and more in my journals. It was almost as though I was processing life through my writing. Eventually it occurred to me that perhaps I might have something to say publicly, and not just in my journals. I hope my unique perspective on things will be a blessing to all.
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