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How should we then live?

All the 9/11 coverage is really haunting me.  A few days ago I read something where someone posted their child’s question at the time:  Mommy, why do they hate us?  That was referred to as the question no one dares … Continue reading

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Out of the mouths of those no longer babes

Long title, I know, but my nearly 14 year old would be quite unhappy if I referred to her as a baby.  On 9/11/01 she was one day from turning 4, so you could say, 9/11 has had an effect … Continue reading

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Effects of 9/11

I wasn’t planning to post on this topic at all.  Honestly, when everyone started talking about the 10th anniversary, my first thought was, “give it a rest.”   But I can’t escape it, since references are everywhere.  Some rile me … Continue reading

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