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The manger

The last chapter of this book is titled simply, the manger.  Of course, it delves into a variety of related topics.  In the video, the author talks of speaking with a shepherd near Bethlehem.  Bethlehem is now a bustling city, … Continue reading

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Visit to Elizabeth

Our focus this week was on Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, which took place immediately after her encounter with the angel.  The author makes several suggestions for why she may have made this trip, which would have taken more than a … Continue reading

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Next up was Joseph.  First off was the observation that his hometown was Bethlehem, the ancestral home of David.  Bethlehem was a bit larger than Nazareth and the name means house of bread.  Just as Nazareth was near a larger … Continue reading

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Nomads has started a new study, using the book The Journey, by Adam Hamilton.  We had 4 questions on the board, related to the study.  They were as follows:  1. I can be?  2.Regardless of?  3.Can I refuse?  4. You’re … Continue reading

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