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The Violent Ones

I had not expected to blog about violence at all.  There are plenty of voices out there, in the aftermath of any school shooting, or theater shooting, or terrorist act, or what have you.  Oh, I admit to a comment … Continue reading

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The unwanted

Last week in Sunday school, we were talking about the crucifixion, mob mentality and how easy it is to get swept up in that.  That led to thoughts about peer pressure and bullying.  Several of us shared experiences with bullying, … Continue reading

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A morning interruption

It seemed like any other morning, until the interruption.  I walk my daughter to school and then walk back every day.  It saves gas and I get the benefit of a two mile walk, round trip.  But last Monday had … Continue reading

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One example of guidance and healing

Our Sunday school lesson this week was drawn from several passages in the book of Isaiah.  It was primarily drawn from a book about how to understand the Jewish interpretation of the passages, as opposed to the Christian one.  I … Continue reading

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More parables

We had such a small class Sunday that we nearly cancelled it.  But since we were there anyway, we went ahead.  We looked at a couple more parables from new perspectives.  First it was the prodigal son, where the idea … Continue reading

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Effects of 9/11

I wasn’t planning to post on this topic at all.  Honestly, when everyone started talking about the 10th anniversary, my first thought was, “give it a rest.”   But I can’t escape it, since references are everywhere.  Some rile me … Continue reading

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I keep reading posts from people who are unhappy with their churches, or have given up on church altogether.  Some of them have real horror stories about abusive treatment in churches or organizations they grew up in.  Many are still … Continue reading

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