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One example of guidance and healing

Our Sunday school lesson this week was drawn from several passages in the book of Isaiah.  It was primarily drawn from a book about how to understand the Jewish interpretation of the passages, as opposed to the Christian one.  I … Continue reading

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Stuck places

No Sunday school this week, so instead of a review, I thought I’d toss out some things that have been rattling around in my brain.  Two different comments on blogs caught my attention last week.  I don’t know if I … Continue reading

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Consequences of unbelief

One of the blogs I read this week stuck with me, not so much because of the blog itself though.  It was actually a book review and the book was telling stories of experiences the author had while helping Mother … Continue reading

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How should we then live?

All the 9/11 coverage is really haunting me.  A few days ago I read something where someone posted their child’s question at the time:  Mommy, why do they hate us?  That was referred to as the question no one dares … Continue reading

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One of the blogs I read asked for submissions about family last week.  That was okay, though at first I was worried that we’d get perfect family stories.  Didn’t turn out that way.  There was more about black sheep and … Continue reading

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Reflections on Ashram

So, you know how when you travel, you always forget something, no matter how many lists you make, or how many times you check the house.  In my case, I forgot two important things, despite even asking God to tell … Continue reading

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I keep reading posts from people who are unhappy with their churches, or have given up on church altogether.  Some of them have real horror stories about abusive treatment in churches or organizations they grew up in.  Many are still … Continue reading

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